6 Must Have Products for Your Patio Garden

I have quite a few interests in my life, but one thing I truly have had a passion for most of my life is gardening. It's something, thanks to my grandma, that has always been a part of my life, and for that I am thankful. Unfortunately, due to the lack of space outside of our townhouse (apartment living for the win!), over the last few years, I've had to been creative to ensure that I can still have a garden, even if it is above the ground in containers, pots and homemade above-ground gardens! By doing lots of research (and a bit of experimenting), I have obtained the knowledge I need to grow my own vegetables and fruit, without a standard in ground garden (what I wouldn't give for one of those!).

A handmade "above ground garden", made for me by my father last year

If you are interested in starting your own "Patio Garden", there's a lot of amazing products out there that could help you create your own garden. It's much simpler than you can imagine!

Here are some of my favorite "Must Haves" for patio gardening:

1. Dollar Store Pots- This is one item I would have never guessed would be in our local Dollar Tree (yes, for only $1.00).

They are self watering, which means that you can either fill the bottom, and the water will keep watering your plant for about a week, or you can water it as usual, and any excess water will help keep your plant watered in between watering's. But for $1 each, these are great for small plants (strawberries, lemon balm, and other herbs)!

2. A Good Nozzle- Now, this is just a preference of mine, a lot of people prefer to just use a watering can, but I LOVE using a hose nozzle when it's time to water my patio garden. It's easier on my shoulders and back, not to have to carry and lift a watering can, and there's always just enough water (because I can shut it off!). You can find my favorite one, the Orbit Max Garden Hose Nozzle, rather cheaply at your local home improvement store (I found mine at Lowe's).

Not only does it make the perfect watering hose for a garden, but with all of the different setting, it always makes a fun sprinkler for Hailee!

3. The Perfect Raised Garden Bed- I've used many different items for "raised garden beds"; but one day when I was shopping at Lowe's, I came across the EMSCO Earth Resin Raised Garden Beds. Not only are they self watering, but they work SO well for every plant I've tried in them so far (mint, lemon balm, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno's, and green beans). It's also on wheels for easy moving!

Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes

4. A Great Tomato/Vegetable Cage- For the last 2 years or so, I've only used metal, small tomato cages (see above), and I thought that was the only kind there was. Thankfully, I discovered a different kind during the same shopping trip as my favorite above ground garden's! They are the Gardener's Blue Ribbon Ultomato Plant Cage, and you can find them at your local Lowe's as well.

As you can probably see, these particular tomato plants aren't in your typical planter or pot...but did you know that coolers make an amazing planter? They already have a draining hole (what the water from the ice goes out of), and they're super deep!

5. A Cat Deterrent- One of the biggest garden killers around me is actually the cats that live around me! Now, I LOVE cats (besides being allergic), but they poop in and dig up my flower gardens, so after lots of research of "natural ways" to get rid of my cat problem, I came up with a solution!

Lemon Balm.

Growing up, my grandma always had Lemon Balm in her flower bed so that while we were outside, we could rub the leaves on our skin to keep the mosquitoes away. But, did you know cats also despise the smell? So, I planted it in different places around my garden, and I haven't had an issue since! It's also a great spider repellent when mixed with mint leaves and boiled to create a tea. Then pour the tea into a spray bottle and spray in problem areas, where spiders usually are!

6. An Amazing Water Hose- I had quite a time with water hoses last year! The first one we bought ended up exploding, and the second one split along the seams. This year, my husband chose a water hose, the Zero-G Kink Free Water Hose and it ended up being perfect for what we needed!

This particular hose is made out of cloth, instead of rubber and goes flat when not in use! So especially for a small patio, this is a GREAT space saver!

Well there you have it!

Some of my absolute favorite items for patio gardening. Do you have a favorite gardening item that you use? I'd love to hear about it!

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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