7 Money Saving Tips For Your Walt Disney World Vacation!

If there's one thing I love to do (besides going to Disney World of course), it's finding the unknown ways to save money, or make your money go just a little bit farther!

In September of 2020, my husband T and I will be making our first "adults only" trip, and since I have a much longer time to plan and save money, I decided to find some ways to make our money go a lot farther! Of course, I want you to save money as well, SO here are my top 7 tips for saving money BEFORE Disney!

1. Ibotta

I've used Ibotta for the last 6 years, and it, by far, is the fastest way to earn money, especially if you're constantly at the grocery store as I always seem to be. In the last 2 weeks, just by buying stuff I would normally buy at Kroger, I've earned $41.25, which I then turned into Paypal cash and then in turn , went to ShopDisney.com and bought Disney gift cards! You can also get cash back for any of your online purchases as well.

Easy Peasy!

2. Dabbl

I wish I would've found Dabbl years ago, because it's the only survey taking site that I know of where you can earn actual Disney Gift cards! So far I've earned about $20 in Disney cards (you can get them in $5 or larger increments). This is the slowest adding up survey site that I have on this list, BUT it's very worth it in the end. If you have an hour of spare time each day, you can earn about $5 a day! It definitely adds up in the long run.

Can you imagine how many Dole Whips you can save for?!

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the perfect mix between Dabbl and Ibotta! You can get cash back not only from survey's (which pay a lot more than your average survey), but you can also get cash back from any online shopping, or receipts you may have. Last month I got an extra $40.00 that I used to do some of the cheaper updates to my house! BUT you can also, like Ibotta, use your points for Paypal money to turn into Disney cards!

4. Military Discounts!

If you have a family member that is in the US Military, there are some AMAZING perks that come with it! Not only do you get highly discounted tickets, but you can get huge discounts on your Disney Property rooms as well! For instance:

Current Disney World 4 Day Park Hopper Ticket: $365.50 per person

Military Pricing (Same Ticket): $265.00 per person

So you can save over $100 on tickets! Plus there are many times where if you call, you can get a great discount on your rooms as well!

5. Sams Gift Cards

If your into saving a few extra dollars on your Disney vacation and you have a Sam's Club membership, then I'd definitely recommend checking out the gift card section at Sam's Club. You can get a $500.00 E-Gift Card for between $479.99-$484.98.

Hey! Every little bit helps, right?

6. Don't buy many souvenirs at Disney World!

This rule I always break! There's just so many incredible things to see and buy at Walt Disney World. But, if you truly want to save some extra money on all different kinds of souvenirs, I recommend checking out the Disney Character Warehouse in the Orlando Premium outlets before going to the parks. They always surprise me with all of the different kinds of Disney products, straight from the parks, at AMAZING prices!

It's not far at all from the parks, so I'd definitely check it out!

7. Go to Disney during the "Low Season"

This is one of my favorite tips, because not only will it save you money BUT it will also give you a more enjoyable trip if you prefer small crowd levels in the parks. My family and I have gone during spring break, Halloween and the peak time of Epcot's festivals, and we definitely prefer going during non-peak seasons when it comes to pricing.

The less crowded park times are:

-Beginning of January



-Beginning of October

-Beginning of November

You can find some incredible hotel prices for these times, when booked in advanced! For instance, during September of this year, we saw the value resorts down to $106 a night! That's the lowest they've been in quite some time.

So, I hope that these tips help you save some of your hard earned money! I can't wait to discover more saving tips over the next few months!

Have a great week.

The World Traveling Mom

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