Best Toys of 2019: Barbie & Crayola Collection

Updated: May 17, 2019

As a child, especially when we would move back and forth to China, there was 3 things I always had to have: Notebook Paper, my Barbies and my Crayola markers. I felt by drawing, or imagining with Barbie dolls that I could enter a different world, and I make that "world" to be anything I could dream up.

Now, I have a daughter who is 5 years old, and like me, 2 of her favorite things to do is; use her imagination and color. So, when we had to chance to try out and play with the new Barbie & Crayola Collaboration Collection, we were both super excited, and it was more than we could've ever hoped for!

Let me take you through each item in their new collection:

-Barbie Crayola Rainbow Fruit Surprise Doll

The Barbie Crayola Rainbow Fruit Surprise Doll was the first item in this awesome collection that she (we) played with.

If you have a child that's into the "color changing" phase, where they want to see if all of their toys color change, then this is the perfect doll for you! Not only does she come with one skirt that color changes (and contains hidden secrets), but it comes with two! It also comes with; one halter top, one short sleeve top, a cup (to hold the water for then pen), a pair of shoes, adorable sun glasses and last but certainly not least, the water pen! The Barbie is also scented! (Hailee says it smells like strawberries, and I say coconut).

One of the coolest things is, everything on Barbie is colored like all of your favorite Crayola colors! We loved getting to draw little designs on the skirts, finding the "hidden secrets" and Hailee now spends as much time as possible playing with Barbie, and "fashion designing" (her words) her skirts!

This Barbie would make the perfect gift for any color changing loving, "fashionista" on your list!

-Crayola Barbie Custom Art Case

Isn't this the prettiest thing you've ever seen?!

Now, onto my favorite item from the Barbie & Crayola collection, the Crayola & Barbie Custom Art Case!

Every year for my birthday (and/or) Christmas, SOMEONE in my family would always buy me an "art case", but let me tell you...they had nothing on the Custom Barbie & Crayola Art Case! When you first see the case, you will immediately fall in love, and not want to open it..because it couldn't get any better, right?


The case was FILLED with so many crayons, markers (tall and short!) and colored pencils of every color! It's a mixture of all of your favorite Crayola crayons, along with all of the colors that Barbie has worn over the years. You/Your kids will DEFINITELY never get bored with all of the things you can do with this Barbie themed Crayola art case!

-Barbie & Crayola Color Magic Station Doll & Playset

The Barbie & Crayola Color Magic Station Playset is one of those amazing toys that dreamed of having one day as a child. It really will make them feel like they are fashion designers for Barbie! You can color her outfits, you can use the Barbie Crayola paint (totally washable!) to choose what colors you would like Barbie's outfit to be, and it comes with SO many cool accessories such as:

-3 outfits to design

-8 stencils

-3 different Barbie Crayola paint colors


-The Color Magic Station

-A Barbie doll to display the new fashions!

You and your child can have hours of fun designing new looks for Barbie! It's a great toy to help children open up their creative side!

In Conclusion, all 3 of these were incredible products, and I have not one bad things to say about any of them. It's an amazing collaboration, with 2 of my favorite companies and they have both definitely outdid themselves!

Definitely one of the BEST toy collections of 2019!


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