Kentuckiana Bloggers "In My BackYard" Tour: A Day in Newport, Kentucky

Updated: May 17, 2019

Last Saturday, the Kentuckiana Bloggers (see Ariel's blog here, and Kiara's blog here) had the opportunity to visit Newport, Kentucky!

Upon arrival, Kiara, I and our friends and family decided to eat at Hofbrauhaus Newport, a German restaurant chain that I had eaten at previously in Columbus, OH and also in Regensburg, Germany, while we lived there. It has been the only place where I've been able to find a true Jagerschnitzel in the US, that tastes like the ones in Bavaria.

My family and I had tried the Newport location previously a couple of years back, and it had been the first time that we hadn't been impressed with their service or food. Unfortunately for us, this time was no different.

When we pulled up to the location, we had no idea that we'd have to pay for parking to eat there (apparently they do this on Saturday's), and the parking attendant was not only very rude, but was upset at us that we didn't carry cash with us. Thankfully, there is an atm right inside of the Hofbrauhaus restaurant, so we were able to get cash, but his attitude was much less than impressive.

The next thing I want to mention; if you ARE plus sized like myself, please ask for a table in the center of the room. We were seated against a wall, and I had a lot of difficulty trying to squeeze back behind the table (we ended up having to move the table forward, which is kind of embarrassing).

Once we finally got settled in, the waitress was very nice, and brought us out our drinks, and Beer Cheese and Pretzels, while we waited on the rest of our party. Both the pretzels and beer cheese were SO salty, to the point even our 5 year old (who eats almost anything) wouldn't touch them because they burned her tongue and lips.

Hofbrauhaus Pretzels and Beer Cheese

When the rest of our party arrived, we started to look at our menus and decided what we wanted to eat. It was also when the live music started! The performer was great, but a word of advice, if you want to hear the people at your table or the waitress/waiter talking, please ask to be sat in the "quieter room", which is next to the main eating area. Almost the entire time we were there, we weren't able to hear each other.

Now, onto the food.

My Jagerschnitzel was absolutely incredible, but unfortunately the sides that I ordered (mashed potatoes and a potato pancake), were cold and didn't have much, if any taste. My husband said his Bavarian Schnitzel was perfect, and loved his sides, and Hailee (my 5 year old) loved the fact that she could have a mini pizza and fries!

Kids Pizza and Fries

Jagerschnitzel, Mashed Potatoes and Potato Pancake

After we waited about 20 minutes for a check, we finally walked on to our next destination! An awesome walking bridge that Kiara and her friend knew about, and it made for some awesome photo taking!

Hailee on the walking bridge over the Ohio River in Newport, KY

Overlooking the city of Cincinnati, from Newport, Kentucky

...But if you know my daughter, one thing she's afraid of is geese...even if they were 20 ft away!

Her "I'm afraid of geese" face

After walking along the bridge, we met up with Ariel and her family, and went inside the Newport Aquarium, where we would spend most of the rest of our day!

"Welcome to Newport Aquarium"

My family and I have been to Newport Aquarium twice since we first moved to Kentucky in 2014, and have always enjoyed going, but we we're definitely excited to see the new updates they had been finishing up since the last time we were there in 2016. Not only is it the perfect place to take families of ALL ages, but they provide the most excellent care for the animals and the environment that you can possibly imagine!

A new thing for us though, that we had never tried (and Hailee absolutely LOVED) was the chance to get her face painted! She chose the pirate, but there are SO many different styles and colors to choose from. You can even have diamonds and sparkles added!

Hailee getting her first "face paint" experience!

Hailee the Pirate!

Hailee's favorite animal has always been stingrays, and you can see them multiple places throughout the aquarium, but one of our new favorite exhibits is the "Stingray Hideaway", where you can not only pet these gorgeous creatures, but you can crawl through a 30 ft. "underwater" tunnel, pop your head up right in the middle of the stingray action, and feel as if you are a stingray yourself! We witnessed many families enjoying the hideaway during our visit.

Say hello to the "smiling" stingrays!

Hailee enjoying watching the many stingrays

One of the other truly awesome things Newport Aquarium does for the smaller kids, is providing them with a massive play "reef" where your kids can play, become a "Reeftown Ranger", and learn all about the Ocean, and the creatures that reside in it. After your kids are done playing, both the parents and kids can color their very own fish, and watch it "come to life" by watching it join the characters from the Splash and Bubbles show, created by the Jim Henson Company.

Hailee the Pirate at Reeftown!

One of my absolute favorite things to see here is their Moon Jellyfish exhibit. Did you know that jellyfish have 5 stomachs and no brain? How crazy is that! So many fun facts to learn about while on your visit to the Newport Aquarium. I could just stare at these little guys for hours.

Moon Jellyfish

Some of the other amazing creatures you can see there (that you really don't get to see many other places!) are; an octopus (located in the Ring Of Fire: World of The Octopus), White Gators, Penguins, all kinds of sharks, and sea turtles! Did you know you can walk across a net bridge, and look down directly over different kinds of sharks at their "Shark Tank Overlook"? Or, like us, you can watch the staff feed the penguins, which I always love!

Newport Aquarium has so many incredible experiences, I can't wait to go back and experience them again!

After we were done at the aquarium, we headed straight for the Sweet Dreams Candy Co., where both Thomas and Hailee got some of their favorite candies (Nerds and Milk Duds, of course!), and we sat outside, talking and hanging out with our new friends. It was overall, a really good day!

Thank you to Newport Aquarium for providing the media/PR tickets to see your incredible aquarium experience!

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