Best Toys of 2019: Crayola, Easter Edition

Updated: May 17, 2019

For the last 3 generations, my family has loved using and playing with crayola products. If you read my previous post about the new Barbie and Crayola collaboration, you know a little bit about my history with crayola, and why I enjoy them so much. But one of the things I love the most, is they let children use their imagination to create anything they'd like!

That's just what Hailee was doing yesterday, when she got the chance to use some of the newer amazing Crayola Products!

Glitter Chalk?! I mean, c'mon!

These amazing new colorful products are perfect for your child's Easter basket, not to mention all of the hours of fun their going to have with these items! My personal favorite was all of the new kinds of chalk! There is now Glitter Chalk, Neon Chalk and Tie Dye Chalk! Time to decorate the patio!

Glitter, Tie Dye & Neon Chalk

Hailee has had hours of fun with everything Crayola!

One of Hailee's favorite things, Silly Putty, now comes in so many different types! Scented (ours smells like raspberries!), the "Bigg Egg" Silly Putty (a MASSIVE amount of colorful putty), Glowing Silly Putty, Metallic Putty, Galactic Silly Putty, and Super Bright Silly Putty! Crayola has definitely outdone themselves when it comes to putty's!

Last but not least, another amazing product, one that we've used since Hailee could color, is the Crayola Color Wonder, Mess Free Coloring Books. They do exactly what they claim, and are completely and totally mess free. Perfect on car rides, during church, or just for day to day coloring! PLUS they were created with your child's favorite TV show characters in mind, win win!

We were so happy to get to experience all the different Crayola products, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Have a very happy week, and a great Easter weekend!


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