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Disney Springs Resort: Best Western Review (A Warning)

Updated: May 28, 2019

Disclaimer: I've gone back and forth about writing this review, as I don't want to seem like a blogger who only writes bad hotel reviews, because I have had absolutely extraordinary stays in other Disney Hotels (reviews are coming). Regardless, I feel like this review is very important due to the health hazard that this hotel is, and was to our family during our stay in May, 2019.

We arrived to our hotel, Best Western Lake Buena Vista (One of the Disney Springs hotels) the night before our first day at Disney World rather late, but even so, we noticed the hotel in under major construction. Besides one side of the hotel, and the front entrance, everything else (including a huge area right in front of the hotel) was covered by construction walls, and so for most of our stay, the construction noises is what we heard. Unfortunately, that was the least of our issues with Best Western Lake Buena Vista.

When we got up to our room, it was SO warm and damp, and it felt like the air hadn't been turned on in a long time, so I immediately turned it on, and we went to bed soon after.

When we woke up the next morning, Hailee was complaining that she couldn't breath out of her nose, and she had started coughing (you know, that awful allergy cough with a lot of junk in it). Well, it was soon after that I noticed that the room had a serious issue.....black mold.

Not just a little bit either.

In was in the shower, in the bathroom and also on the ceiling tiles in the room next to the bathroom. So, that evening, my husband went down to the front desk and explained the situation that they had put us in. They apologized, and gave us a new room key to the room on floor 9, directly below our current room. So at 10 pm that night, I put Hailee to bed in the new room, and Thomas packed all of our belongings and brought them to the new room.

I don't know if it's my overly trusting personality, but it never entered my mind to check the new room for the same issue that night (either that, or I was beyond exhausted). But, as you can probably guess, this room was actually worse! There was mold, an unbearable amount of dust, my daughter and I got SO many small bug bites, the plugs only worked half of the time..

The next morning I was very sick too.

Dust and Black Molded Ceilings

Clean Room? I Think Not.

So once again, Thomas went to the front desk, this time to chat with a manager. The manager apologized, told Thomas it was most likely because the 2nd room was right below the first room (remember this statement). He (the manager) then went to a third room with Thomas to look it over. It wasn't any better than the second, there was both water damage and mold, and equally as damp as the first, so we stayed in the second room because we didn't have another option. We couldn't afford to change hotels. Thomas was then told that the entire hotel was being gutted soon, so these issues would go away after the revamp.

Unfortunately, by the end of the trip, all 3 of us were having allergy issues, and the "right" manager was no where to be found.

When we got home, we never did get the phone call we were supposed to get from the "right" manager that day, my husband called multiple times, and finally the next day a lady at the front desk was able to get a hold of him, and he called back a few minutes later.

He claimed the rooms we had been in hadn't been cleaned since we left, and he saw absolutely nothing wrong with the rooms. He himself had even sat in the rooms, and there was nothing wrong with them, and they didn't trigger his allergies.

Photos, don't lie.

And past reviewers that had the same issue don't either.

It's not just us, and this hotel IS a heath hazard.

There are so many more, and WORSE like this. I would never be okay with sending anyone here, and the management should be ashamed for letting people stay in these conditions.

Hailee and I are still dealing with the aftermath of the heath issues that this hotel caused, and we will continue to fight and contact until something is done about this.

Disney is supposed to be a magical place, but this hotel caused our vacation to be quite the nightmare at times.

Update: The hotel has refunded our money, and the particular lady in charge of case stated "Most people just don't care about the mold". Do. Not. Stay. Here.

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