Lions, Tigers and Bears OH MY: Cincinnati Zoo (Cincinnati, OH)

Updated: May 17, 2019

As you know from my last post, my family and I LOVE going to the zoo. So when we were given the chance by the Cincinnati Zoo to come and visit, of course we went, gladly! Thank you so much, Cincinnati Zoo for having us come out to see your wonderful zoo, and see what all it has to offer the animals. #Sponsored

Upon arrival in the zoo, the first thing that you will see is many employees and construction workers working very hard to update, and give their amazing creatures the most room, and the best life they can have. Thankfully, even though they are working so hard to create the best enclosures they can for these animals, there is still SO many beautiful animals to see, especially on a day like that particular day. It was a perfect 70 degrees, and so many of the animals, like the elephants, were outdoors basking in the sun.

Elephants Taking In the Sunshine

The next stop on our animal seeing journey was the giraffe exhibit. Even though we had been to Cincinnati Zoo previously twice before, we never knew that had the opportunity to feed the these gentle giants. Another shocking (but awesome) thing was Hailee, who usually has high anxiety when trying new things, was more than willing to feed them! So for $3 (which is a great deal for an experience like this), you get 2 pieces of lettuce to give to the giraffes, and you get to watch in amazement as they use their long blue tongues snatch the food right out of your hand! I highly recommend asking when/if this is available on your trip, it's so much fun!

Hailee Feeding Her New Friend

Giraffe Feeding Center

Something else that I've never seen at any other zoo would be their chance to get up and close with Flamingos! I think that this maybe a temporary thing (possibly just for that day), but it was amazing to get to see these beautiful pink birds up close. I never realized how much personality they have! On this particular day, like the elephants, they were enjoying the sunshine, playing in their kiddie pool and wiping their faces off afterwards. It was hilarious!

Another up close and personal that Hailee absolutely loved at Cincinnati Zoo was their petting zoo (which of course, I loved too!). Like many Zoo's petting zoos, it has many goats that love to be petted. But at Cincy's Zoo, you get the chance to also brush the goats, which the kids seem to love!

One of my personal favorite things inside the Cincinnati Zoo is their "World of the Insect" building. In my opinion, it is one of the absolute best in the country! They have SO many different kinds of Insects, that your bound to find a few that you've never heard of before! For me, one that I had never heard of was a GIANT stick bug. I've of course seen the much smaller version, but seeing a giant stick bug was a totally different experience! Scroll through and see if you can find this awesome creature!

Also, the "World of Insect" you can experience their Butterfly Room, filled with many flowers and stunning butterflies of all kinds. From experience, if you hold reaaaalllly still, you my even have one of more land on you!

Have you ever been to a zoo where they have whole buildings for nocturnal animals? Cincinnati Zoo has multiple, and I don't recommend taking small kids, especially those that are afraid of the dark, in there (we had an incident where another child got sick near the apes and we had to detour into a very dark hallway, which caused some chaos for parents with smaller children), but If at all you have the chance, the amazing nocturnal animals are definitely worth seeing.

My favorite? An owl with TONS of personality! He was hilarious to watch, and had so many different faces.

Last but not least, I would love to mention that this zoo is amazing for children of all ages. Not only because of all of the animal experiences, but this is one of the only zoo's I've been to that has SO many "hands" on experiences for kids, so they can let out their inner "animal". For example:

Comparing Hands With a Gorilla

Swinging Like an Ape

Can you keep your balance?

The Perfect Photo Op

Zooming in on Some Awesome Insects

In conclusion, would I go back to Cincinnati Zoo?

In a heartbeat. We had a great time experiencing the creatures that reside in the Cincinnati Zoo, and I know Hailee had a wonderful time getting to share this memory with her Grammy.

Grammy and Hailee Watching the Meerkats

It has always been one of the best zoo's I've ever been to, and I can't wait to see what new things they are bringing to the zoo in 2019!

Again, thank you so much Cincinnati Zoo for having our family out to the Zoo, and we look forward to our next time!

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