Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY: Louisville Zoo (Louisville, KY)

Updated: May 17, 2019

In the summer of 2014, my family moved from Germany to Kentucky, where we hoped to make our permanent home (we ended up moving to Arkansas for a bit, but that's a different story for another lifetime).

After we got settled, we found the nearest zoo to our house (of course that was Louisville Zoo in Louisville, KY), and went to visit! Little did we know, this Kentucky zoo would quickly become one of our favorite zoos in the US!

Hailee Loving Life at the Louisville Zoo

They have everything from polar bears to a gorilla that loves for you to read to him (Thomas' personal favorite).

Hailee getting to know the Gorilla

They also have some awesome experiences that you wouldn't get to have in most other zoo's such as; feeding the Lorikeets, walking along with wallabies and wallaroos, and a children's splash park (weather permitting). Hailee also very much enjoys Billabong Playabout, Louisville Zoo's large play area for children! There is never a moment of boredom there.

Something that I had never seen at another zoo, but is my favorite at Louisville Zoo is the Nene Goose! Every Time I've come to visit, he will follow us, and at one point he even tried to take a selfie with me! It's always the first place we head to while in the Zoo, and he always is ready to greet you!

Selfie with a Nene Goose

If you get the chance (especially if you have younger children), I recommend taking a spin on their Carousel, as well at the train, which will take you to all of the amazing sites and give you a "backstage" look at the zoo. There is also many photo opportunities with animals (real or fake), which we've always taken advantage of everytime we visit!

Another amazing thing about Louisville Zoo is they have SO many special events going on during the year. Everything from a 5K, movie nights, and holiday events, including "The World's Largest Halloween Party", which our family hopes to attend this coming up Halloween. They also have many educational events going on during the year such as their "Earth Month", where they show you all month long how to protect the earth and its creatures (and they always make it fun!)

I highly recommend making the trip to see all of the awesome things that Louisville Zoo has to offer. There are so many new animals, and new events coming up this year, you won't want to miss it!

What Zoo is your favorite?

....Stay Tuned for more reviews of amazing zoos around the world!

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