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Covid-19 Warning: Covid-19 is very real and is very serious. If you have people in your household that are high risk, or you have symptoms of Covid-19, STAY HOME. Here is a link that goes into more details about the virus. Also, this post is NOT sponsored! I feel that safety during these times is better than money.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, my family and I decided to stop traveling.

Yes, you read that correctly. The World Traveling Mom decided to stop traveling.

It was not an easy decision, in fact, it mentally hurt. I was okay for a little while, I found passions at home such as gardening, home decorating, and diving head first into homeschooling life with my daughter! But, after the longest time I've ever gone without traveling, I decided to try and explore the idea of "social distance traveling".

Could that possibly work?

Would it be safe?

How would homeschooling on the road work?

Well, I'm here to hopefully answer some of those questions, and share a few items that made our trip more enjoyable and safer! Most of these products, you've probably heard of many times but hopefully this will give you an idea of how to make the most of them while traveling!

  1. Lysol/Clorox Wipes- If you've been able to find wipes, which I know has been difficult, these sure come in handy! We used these to clean our steering wheels, gas pumps, hotel door handles, light switches as well as shower, sink and toilet handles.

2. Microban 24 Hour Sanitizing Spray- This is one of my favorite cleaning supplies! I use it both in my house and during travel. When entering into the hotel room I have Hailee keep her hands in the air, so I can use this product on the beds, the toilet seats, the shower, the TV remote and any furniture that may be in our room before she can touch anything. The best thing about Microban? It keeps things 99% germ free for 24 hours!

3. Hand Sanitizer- With so many that have come out and been recalled, we've stuck to three brands; Purell, Bath and Body Works, and Germ-X. Bath and Body works has been the easiest to find AND it smells the best. We use it after we go to gas station bathrooms, and anytime we go into a store and touch products. Can never be too safe, right?

4. Trash Bags- This is an item we WISHED we would've remembered to grab. Because of Covid-19, we tried to keep the clothes we had already worn separated from the clothes we haven't. Thankfully, a few of the hotels we stayed in provided trash bags, so we used to them to put dirty clothes in until we could get them washed, which brings me to my next item!

5. Pods & Dryer Sheets- This one I do on almost every trip, BUT it's even more important during these times. I always pack a small baggy of Tide Pods and Gain Dryer sheets so that way I can laundry at the hotel, and I never have to bring dirty clothes into my house!

6. Masks, Masks and More Masks- No matter where I go these days (inside of course), I always carry a mask with me, like hopefully you do. In fact, when I go outside I usually forget to take it off, that's how much I wear it. BUT I'm also the kind of person that loses EVERYTHING (I'm kind of known for that), so bringing multiple masks is a must! My favorite masks are from CVS pharmacy, because they actually adjust behind the ears, and therefore are not too tight!

7. Lysol Spray To-Go- I've only managed to find this twice during the pandemic, BUT if you can find it stock up on it! We used this exclusively for gas station bathroom toilets, handles and sink handles in said bathrooms. It's SO tiny and perfect for spraying off any toilet you may come in contact with! Anytime we've found these, they've been at Walgreens.

In conclusion: I hope that by sharing these products and their uses will give you some peace of mind if you do decide to travel during Covid-19. It sure gave us peace of mind!

Be kind. Stay safe.

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