The Best Back To School Items in 2019

It definitely has been/will be an interesting year for my family! We are saving for our first house, I've been having the time of my life in the blogger/creator world and next week, Hailee will start Kindergarten and I'll be going back to college to finish my degree in Journalism. So in order to get ready for school, what have we been doing? Researching the best "back to school" products, buying school clothes, and preparing her for what could be the best year of her life, to date.

School supplies have changed quite a bit since I was in school, for the better! I've found/ received some incredible products that I can't wait for Hailee and I to try in the next few years! Here is a list of some of our favorites:

1. Crayola's Take Note! Erasable Highlighters-

As a college student myself, I know I will be using these awesome Take Note! Erasable Highlighters by Crayola. I tend to make mistakes and over-highlight, so I'm glad I now have the chance to fix this issue! They come in both the regular amazing crayola colors as well as the Pastel Party.

Crayola's Take Note! Erasable Highlighters can be found, here.

2. Lice Shield

When I was in school, I seemed to be always highly susceptible to getting head lice. That may sound disgusting (believe me, it is!), but I just knew when Hailee went to school, I wanted to do everything I could to protect her from the dreaded cooties! That's where lice shield comes in. Not only does it come in a combo shampoo and conditioner, but also a spray to help protect your kids at school any anywhere else they may come in contact with those pesky bugs! I highly recommend getting some for your child before they head into school!

You can find Lice Shield fairy cheaply (under $10.00) in the hair care aisle at your local CVS, Kroger, Rite Aid, HEB, Ralph's Grocery and Fred Meyer Stores or the first aid aisle of the Dollar General.

3. Crayola's Take Note!

If you were a child in the 90's and early 2000's like me, you know how amazing gel pens are! Well, Crayola has done it again, and come out with Washable Gel Pens! No more staining your clothes, skin or tables. They are great for both grown-ups and kids, and Hailee has enjoyed writing her letters with them.

You can find the Crayola Take Note! Washable Gel Pens here.

4. Crayola Take Note! Permanent Markers

I am in LOVE with these markers! They come in SO many different colors (24 to be exact), and they are SUPER vibrant. They are perfect for drawing, coloring and writing! I'm really looking forward to taking notes with these in a few weeks!

You can find the Crayola Take Note! Permanent Markers here.

5. Crayola Take Note! Highlighter Pens (2-in-1)

These awesome highlighter pens, from Crayola's Take Note! line, not only have your standard highlighter, but also have a very fine tip on the other end! They're great for highlighting notes, as well as taking them and underlining!

You can find the Crayola Take Note Highlighter Pens (2-in-1) here.

6. Bentgo Kids Bright Lunch Container

I needed something that was easy for my daughter to take to school, and that as a kindergartner, she would be able to open. That's when I found Bentgo Lunch Containers. Not only are they super cute, but they have the perfect amount of sections to send with her to school for lunch. There's even a little sauce section!

You can find Bentgo Lunch Containers here.

7. Crayola's Take Note! Felt-Tip Pens

I'm kind of a huge pen fanatic (I absolutely love to write!), and I'm so excited to get to use these not only for my college classes, but also just in every day life. These amazing felt-tip pens come in 6 different colors, and all equally vibrant and smooth.

You can find the Crayola Felt-Tip Pens, here.

8. Crayola's Take Note! Dry Erase Markers

If you have a dry erase board at home, at work or at school, these Take Note! Dry Erase Markers are definitely for you! They come in both Fine line and Chisel Tip, and they even show how much ink is left inside of the marker! The Take Note! Dry Erase markers are also low odor, so no more of that strong "smell up the entire room" odor.

You can find these awesome Dry Erase markers, here.

So those are my favorites for the 2019 school year! Do you have a favorite school supply item from 2019? What item has your child/college student or yourself enjoyed?

Have a great school year!

(Disclaimer: Products may have been sent to me for review, but reviews are honest)

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