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Top 5 Must Ride- Kings Island

For the 4th, Kings Island Amusement Park in Mason, OH was running their "Military Days" where Military (Retired, Active Duty, Reserves and National Guard) could all get in for free with their military ID, and immediate family (up to 6 people) can get in for $35.00. So, Thomas and I made the last minute decision to just take a day for ourselves (Hailee's not a huge fan of roller coasters) and have some fun!

Unfortunately our day was cut short by thunderstorms, but here are the top 5 rides that we did ride at Kings Island (my husband's list and mine were almost identical!)

1. Diamondback- The Diamondback, which stands at 230 feet, has some of the most amazing drops on a ride that neither of us had ever been on, including the initial drop which is 215 ft. at a 74 degree angle! You get some amazing airtime, and also amazing views of the park at the same time! Also, I found these seats to be the most comfortable for a plus size person in the entire park.

Other Facts:

-Must be 54 in. to ride.

-There IS a test seat outside of the ride, in case your worried about not fitting (always a big concern of mine!)

-The Diamondback has been rated in the top 10 (in the world!) for one of the best steel roller coasters!

2. Mystic Timbers- This incredible wooden roller coaster, takes you on a fast journey through the "timbers" at speeds of up to 53 mph! Like the Diamondback, it gives you amazing airtime, but it also gives you the feeling of being secluded from the park, as it is mostly hidden in the woods. The entire track of the Mystic Timbers is 3,265 feet long, with many hills, but the biggest being 109 feet! So you are constantly having an amazing time.

Other facts:

-Must be 48 in. to ride

-The seats are extremely comfortable, and I didn't have an issue fitting in them (plus size women, here.)

-A wheelchair lift IS available

3. White Water Canyon- Now, this isn't a roller coaster like the rest on this list will be, but SO much fun nonetheless. I kind of had to trick my husband on to this ride, as he had decided to wait to get wet until we got to the water park. Thankfully, he agreed, and we made our way to the spinning platform, and onto the ride!

If you've ever been on Disney's Kali River Rapids, it's a very similar ride, only on White Water Canyon you get MUCH more wet! Not only are there tons of waves that wash right over all of the people in the raft, but the employee's as well as some bystanders watching the ride, have a chance to also soak you! So, by the end of it, us and the other 2 couples we rode with were soaked from head to toe!

Other facts:

-You must be 46 in. to ride

-As a plus size person, I had no issues riding this, and it was very comfortable!

-You do share a seat belt with the person next to you

4. The Bat- This was actually the first roller coaster we went on, and boy was it fun! I've heard it's hidden, and hard to find, but it was actually the first roller coaster we found, near to the entrance of the park and the bathrooms! So I'd definitely head that way first!

It has 2,352 feet of track and goes up to 51 mph, is a suspended steel roller coaster, in which the cars swing! It was the least rough of all of the roller coasters in the park, and we had a great time! Definitely a must ride for those of you who love roller coasters!

Other Info:

-Must be 48 in. to ride

-Very comfortable seats, no issues being plus size and riding it.

-Wheelchair Accessible as long as rider can lift themselves, or has help from others.

5. The Banshee- Last, but certainly not least, we had trouble deciding between The Banshee, and The Vortex, but we decided on The Banshee.

The Banshee, which is the worlds longest steel inverted coaster, has a total of 4,124 feet of track, and goes a whopping 68 mph! We've never been on a ride quite like this, with so many twists and turns, and getting to see our faces on the screen afterwards took the cake!

The only complaint I have about this roller coaster, is if you have a larger chest like me, it was SUPER tight, to the point that I had trouble breathing while on the ride. BUT there is a trial seat to try out, outside of the ride, so I'd definitely recommend checking that out ahead of time!

So there's the list of our favorite rides! I hope to go back soon and ride all of the other rides we didn't get the chance to ride the first time!

Here are some honorable mentions, from the ones that we did end up riding:

-The Vortex- After reading so many mixed reviews about this roller coaster, I was excited to check it out for myself! I actually really enjoyed it, and all of it's twists and turns, and didn't find it as rough as some had said. My husband, unfortunately had a different experience and found it almost painful. Overall though, it was a gorgeous roller coaster to look at, and although we had difference of opinions, I'd ride it again!

-Adventure Express- This ride wasn't either of our favorites, as we found it rough and honestly there wasn't anything too terribly special about it. It reminds me a lot of the mine train roller coasters you'd find at parks such as Silver Dollar City. It was also a bit tight on me, which i didn't care for of course.

-The Racer- This is one ride I wish I would've listened to the warnings about. Thomas and I were both in some serious pain during and after this older wooden roller coaster. I was kind of disappointed, being that my favorite roller coasters are usually the wooden ones. Unfortunately this one failed to meet the mark.

-The Windseeker- I wasn't sure quite to expect with this 30 story tall flying ride. I thought perhaps it was like the swings that you would see at a fair, but this was so much more! The ride raises you up slowly to 301 feet above the park, and at a 40 degree angle swings you around at 30 mph. My husband thoroughly enjoyed this ride, and I would have too if I wasn't so scared of heights. But if you don't mind heights, this ride is a blast!

We can't wait to ride more rides next time, as well as try out the water park!

Which park should we visit next?

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!

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