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"What's In Hailee's Disney World Suitcase" Part 1

Updated: May 17, 2019

We are down to 74 days before our Disney World vacation (only 15 more days till Fastpass booking! Woohoo!) and we are just getting so excited!

I maaaaayyyyy have already started packing.

But that's definitely not a bad thing! Over the last 2 trips to Disney, I've learned the must-haves, the should haves, and the "definitely will make this trip funner" items, especially when traveling with a smaller child, you always want to think ahead!

So without further ado, here is Part 1 of the "What's In Hailee's Disney Suitcase" series!

1. Child Friendly "Over-the-Counter" Medications- This one caused our trip to be slightly stressful when we headed to Disney when Hailee was 2 (in 2016). Unfortunately, Disney doesn't carry a lot of cold, flu, or allergy medications a child of that age may need if you run into the "Florida allergy" issue. So, Thomas ended up having to drive off Disney property to locate medication for her.

This time, we will be bringing all of Hailee's allergy medications, cold medications, band-aids (which you can find at Disney, but they're more expensive), and antibiotic ointment! Better to be safe that have to worry about finding medications later!

2. Collapsible Water Bottle- I am obsessed with space saving, and things that make my life a bit easier, and bringing a collapsible water bottle definitely does both! Our favorite, the HYDAWAY Bottles, are so easy to take along with you (they lay almost completely flat, and you could seriously put it in your pocket!), are perfect for carrying around water in the parks! They're also non-toxic, leak proof, and dishwasher safe! #gifted

3. Disney Ears- The last few Disney World trips, we have always bought Hailee's Disney ears at the parks. Then, Iast year, I learned about Eerie & Enchanting Design, a Disney/Marvel themed ear shop (you can find their Etsy shop here) where you can find the most amazing floral Disney ears, and even better, they make children's sized ears as well!

They made Hailee a pair of mini Tiana themed ears, and she ALWAYS wants to wear them!

Hailee's Tiana Inspired Ears, Made By Eerie and Enchanting

4. A Child Friendly Suitcase- Now, I realize that this isn't something to put IN the suitcase, but I cannot stress enough how nice it is to have a child-friendly-suitcase, that they can pull themselves! The one we will be bringing with us on this trip, is Stephen Joseph's "Princess" Classic Rolling Luggage. This will not only be a great suitcase to pack clothes, but it will be a great place to put all of her "car friendly activities" for on the way there! #gifted

(You can find this wonderful suitcase, here)

5. "Walking To The Pool Shoes"- The one thing I've forgotten at least twice for Hailee, is some sort of slide off sandal that she can wear to the pool during our middle of the day "rest time" (I highly recommend taking a pool break in the middle of the day). On our trip to Sevierville, TN, I came across these TY sandals (yes, the beanie babies brand) in a gift shop, and Hailee fell in love with them. Not only are they super cute, but the bottoms are rubber, which makes them perfect for an afternoon by the pool.

(You can find them here.)

6. The Perfect Family T-Shirts- I have always admired families who did the matching or themed Disney shirts for their trip, and thanks to Custom Ink we were able to design our own this year (with the help of their wonderful staff!). These shirts are super soft, and will be very comfortable to wear in the parks! They also have many styles/products to choose for to make your perfect vacation shirt. One of the best things about the Custom Ink Website is how EASY it is to use their designing program. I had so much fun getting to design these t-shirts!

7. Stephen Joseph's "Bottle Buddies"- This is something we are definitely excited to be taking along with us on the upcoming trip! If you've ever had small children, you know that after about 10 seconds after buying them a drink, they will do what....ask you to carry it! So, this helps solve that problem! Not only do they get an adorable "bottle buddy", but they can carry their drink without having to use their hands. ;) #gifted

8. Rolls of Quarters and Pennies- This is one of the "extra magical" things Hailee will be trying this trip! Around the Epcot countries, you will come across a pressed penny station which is usually themed around that particular country along with your favorite Disney characters! This is one fun thing that I loved to do at Epcot as a kid, so it'll be a fun thing to try together.

Also, I've had mine since I was about 16 (cough...10 years ago), but I love my press penny book to go along with my pennies! You can find it pretty cheaply both at Disney.com and in the Disney World stores!

9. Headbands- If you have little girls with long hair, or you have long hair yourself, you KNOW this problem all too well. Having your hair down in the parks, or in your face, can make a person extremely HOT! So, for this trip, we've made sure that we were extra prepared to keep Hailee's hair out of her eyes with Stephen Joseph's adorable headbands!

They are super cute, and don't slip like some of the other headbands we've tried! #gifted

Well, that's it for part 1 of "What's In Hailee's Disney Suitcase", stay tuned for part 2 in a few weeks, and have an absolutely magical rest of your week!

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