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Updated: May 17, 2019

Good Morning Travelers!

As many of you have already seen on my Facebook, plans have made a serious change in our Disney World trip. Instead of going in July, like we had originally planned, we are actually going next week (due to Thomas' changing work schedule)! Although we are EXTREMELY excited, this means we definitely have a lot to do in just a weeks time!

Since yesterday, Thomas, Hailee and I have been packing up a storm, and it is one of the few times I've been happy I'm an early planner. Minus a few small things, I already had most of what I needed for the trip! Here are a few of my favorite things I'll be bringing along with me:

1. Waverly Woman One Piece Plus Size Bathing Suit-

I had actually bought this particular bathing suit to wear on our trip to Tennessee in March, but I loved it so much, that it was a must have at the pool and our day at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park! It is very slimming, and can also be turned into a strapless suit! It fits very true-to-size (Large-20W), and I highly recommend it!

You can find this swimsuit here.

2. My MerMade Display-

This Disney ear display is one of my absolute favorite Disney items I own. It was made by a very sweet lady, Teresa, who owns an Etsy store and designs these AMAZING Disney themed ear holders, that your ears sit perfectly on top of, and even better yet, on one end, there is a place for your Disney pins!

The particular one I ordered from her Etsy shop was Coco themed, and it was beyond gorgeous, and although this wont be going IN my suitcase, I will be bringing it with me to hold my ears in the hotel so I can decided easily what ears to wear every morning!

You can find her Instagram here, and her Etsy shop here.

3. Feet Expressions Customized Shoes-

I had so much fun working with the Feet Expressions design team (thank you Steve & Ben!) designing these amazing shoes. They will fit perfectly in with my Epcot outfit, and even better, they incorporated my @CarlaTheDisneyNerd logo on them with an "Epcot themed" background! I can't wait to wear them in the parks!

You can find the Feet Expressions website, here. Also, you can use the code "WTM" for $5.00 off of your next purchase!


4. My Disney Themed Ears-

As you can see from #2, I have quite a few pairs of Disney ears that I am bringing along with me on this trip, and most of them were made by Etsy shops, as well as a few made by the Walt Disney Company. Here are some of my favorite ears, made by my favorite shops!

-Eerie and Enchanting Anna Inspired Ears- I have been in love with the colors of these Anna (Frozen) inspired ears ever since I first laid eyes on them! They are of course Floral themed (as are a lot of my favorites!), and were made by one of my favorite Disney ear and accessory shops, Eerie and Enchanting Design.

You can find the Eerie and Enchanting Design store here, and their Instagram account, here!

(Their shop is currently taking a break, due to a restock, but will be open by May 1st!)

-Wicked Good Ears Epcot Themed Ears- I bought these Epcot themed Disney ears last Christmas, and immediately fell in love with them! They colors are super bright, and they definitely remind me of Epcot at night. They'll go very well with my Epcot themed shoes from #3!

You can find the Wicked Good Ears Instagram here, and their Etsy shop here.

-Walt Disney Company "Rose Gold" Ears- My husband actually bought these for me as a Christmas present, and I LOVE the sparkle! They will go with almost any outfit, and they are super comfortable to wear.

You can find these beautiful ears, here.

-Mouse Band's Pinocchio Inspired Ears- If you should know ANYTHING about me Disney Wise, it's that my absolute favorite characters are Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. So when I found these extraordinary ears, I had to purchase them! They were actually my first pair of Disney ears, and they remain one of my favorites, they're just SO well made!

You can find the Mouse Band Instagram here, and their Etsy shop here.

5. Main Street Bella "Dots and Bows" Curvy Leggings- I cannot brag on these amazing leggings enough. A lot of the "softer" leggings for plus size either; are too short and you keep having to pull them up, or they aren't true to size at ALL.

But not these!

Not only are they true-to-size, but they are possibly the cutest leggings I've ever seen in my life. They are also so comfortable, and slimming! Definitely a must have for anyone going to the parks, or just for every day use! I can't wait to wear them on our trip!

You can find these Disney themed leggings, here!


6. Custom Ink Disney Inspired T-shirts- You may have seen these awesome t-shirts featured in Hailee's series "What's In Hailee's Disney World Suitcase", but they are so cute that I thought'd I'd mention them again! It was so fun working with both Charlie and Lyn, and they helped me come up with some amazing t-shirts!

You can find the Custom Ink website, here.


7. Girlfriend Collective- So, there's not enough amazing things I can say about these leggings. Not only are they the perfect fit, but they are SO soft. You really must get a pair of these. They will be great for walking around the park, as they are both stylish and comfortable (also super slimming!)

You can find these perfect leggings here.


Well, I hope you are having a perfect week, and I hope this helps you with your upcoming trip!

Have a magical week!

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